Chemex 3 Cup


Chemex is a manual, pour-over style glass-container coffeemaker that was designed by an american chemist, Peter Schlumbohm, in 1941. In 1958, designers at the Illinois Institute of Technology said that the Chemex Coffeemaker is “one of the best-designed products of modern times”, and so is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The pour-over coffee maker is a creation of no-nonsense simplicity. The clean lines reflect the delicious clean tasting coffee it produces each brew. The perfect tailoring of form resulting in unparalleled function.

A 3 cup brewer is perfect for when you are looking to enjoy an individual cup of coffee. Simply fold a filter paper, scoop in your favourite ground coffee and add just boiled water. Gravity does the rest.

The resulting brew is near perfect. No bitterness, no gritty sediment or unusual secondary flavours picked up from parts of a complex machine you are unable to clean properly.

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3 cup bleached filters sold separately

  • Made of of heat proof, laboratory grade, borosilicate glass, wood & leather
  • Capacity – 3 Cup/1 Pint /568 Mililitre
  • Please note the 3 cup requires filer papers FP-2 – these are available separately.


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