Honduras Liquidámbar Honey

Finca Liquidámbar was set up by a pioneering group of individuals (most of whom work for Cocafelol cooperative) passionate about organic coffee production. They turn coffee waste into organic fertiliser; with pulp developed compost processed by Californian red worm. They also use the mucilage to make different products that serve as foliar fertiliser to the farm. Some experiments they have made with organic fertiliser have been so successful they have brought the technique to Cocafelol Cooperative and rolled them out to other organic coffee producers.

The farm employs 18 members of staff and 12 more in the harvest. Until recently, this was spread across 28 hectares of production, but this has now grown into 45 acres with coffee trees following a programme of new planting, with the remaining 15 hectares under their ownership remaining dedicated forest.

During harvest when the coffee is at its optimum ripeness, cherry is collected manually by men and women, careful to collect only the ripe fruits. Then it is transported to the beneficio of one of the owners, to be pulped. It is then brought to a drying area for a controlled sun drying on African beds, where it is moved every thirty minutes to preserve the quality for 12-15 days until the coffee reaches 12% humidity.

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Medium Roast

These honey processed beans provide a crisp and clean flavour profile. Cherry, dark chocolate and lemon all rolled into a lovely brew.

The title “honey processed” leads many people to assume honey’s used in the making of the coffee or that the coffee itself resembles honey tasting notes but that isn’t the case. This process gets its name from its sticky, honey-like feel the bean has before being dried. Once a coffee bean is separated from its cherry, it’s left covered in a mucilage layer that, when dried, will continue to reabsorb moisture from the air and become sticky. 


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