Kenya Peaberry Lenana Peak

Medium Roast

When brewed, this complex coffee’s taste is found to have bright acidity with crisp, sweet, fruity juiciness of melon, grape and lychee tempered with its lovely floral overtones.



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We are happy to be offering (for a limited period) this single origin peaberry coffee from The Windrush Estate. Located in Kiambu County, a traditional coffee-growing region around 25km from Nairobi, it is one of Kenya’s oldest coffee-growing estates, originally established in the 1902 by a British settler who initially reared cattle and later planted the estate’s first coffee tree in 1930. The estate changed ownership several times before being acquired in 1971 by the Gatatha Farmers Company which was formed by 300 local residents to manage the estate. Sitting on 500 hectares of land with mineral rich soil, the estate is devoted to coffee and tea growing with slight subsistence farming of dairy cattle.  Pride is taken in the estate’s culture of using proven sustainable methods of farming. For example, oil pits are dug to trap rainwater and bluegrass is planted as ground cover to prevent erosion. At the same time Gravillier and Eucalyptus trees are planted on the estate to shade the coffee from the harsh afternoon sun.

The estate’s coffee is hand-picked then processed on-site using using Kenya’s trademark double-fermentation and dried on raised beds. Fresh water from the Riara river is used in the process.

Peaberry is different to the normal coffee bean in that the fruit (cherry) of the coffee plant contains two beans that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two beans is fertilised, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval (or pea-shaped) bean is known as peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are classified as a peaberry.


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