Sumatra Mandheling


A Grade 1 Arabica coffee, the beans are grown and harvested by the KSU Aringata Co-Operative, located in the Aceh district. In the 1980’s, the Javanese people were offered land and support by the government to relocate to the highlands in an attempt to reduce the population on the overcrowded island of Java. The new settlers were mainly corn farmers who learned about planting coffee from the local Gayonese people. In this region the coffee is often planted with other crops, pulses, chillies, and vegetables at altitudes from 1200 to 1400 meters above seas level. Soils are from volcanic origin, rich and fertile.

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Medium to Full City Roast

This Indonesian coffee is full of complexity, hosting flavours of mango, brown sugar and caramel that come through when brewed. It has a lively acidity and also provides a bit of spicy chocolate aftertaste. 


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