Peak Bean Ethos

Peak Bean was born out of a love for coffee. Coffee that brings a smile to someone’s face. Like first brew in the morning that helps start the day on the right foot. And enjoying a mug whilst catching up with good friends, not to mention how it can round off that great meal perfectly. Coffee brings happiness.

Our Story

Peak Bean began it’s roots in a small café run by Deirdre and Andrew, found in the beautiful village of Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire. Alongside serving delicious home-made cakes and soups, they loved serving a variety of barista standard coffee drinks from their traditional coffee machines.

However, whilst they aimed to source locally as much as possible, there was a struggle to find a freshly roasted coffee to serve. So they decided to try it for themselves, bought a roaster and started experimenting with their very own blends.

Peak Bean continues to carefully roast single bean batches, create blends, and now have a range of freshly roasted coffees that they are really proud of: they burst with freshness, flavour and really hit the spot.

Thoughtfully Sourced

Dedicated to keeping their traceability of product as transparent as possible, Peak Bean likes to know where the coffee beans they roast come from. This is why they source from various cooperatives, paying that little bit extra to help those farmers and enable them to put some of their profits back into their local communities. Many of these cooperatives are certified with The Fairtrade Foundation and Rainforest Alliance.