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Coffee is important to your business. Coffee is our business.
It makes sense we should work together.

Have you noticed the trend that more and more of us are drinking freshly roasted coffee on a daily basis? It is certainly competing with a cup of tea these days. Either way, you want to provide your guest the choice of a quality hot beverage. Ideally, it would be fresh, local, great tasting and of course cost effective. We can help answer all these points.

Quality, Fresh Coffee Beans
Peak Bean carefully roast single bean batches, create blends, and now have a range of freshly roasted coffees that we are really proud of: they burst with freshness, flavour and really hit the spot. We can provide kilogram bags of coffee beans, roasted especially for your order. If you need pre-ground coffee, we can do that. Freshly roasted, ground, weighed and packed into individual sachets or 250g resealable pouches. However you prefer your coffee, we can deliver.

Consider how you provide coffee to your customer. There are loads of different ways to brew your coffee and we are here to help you provide the most suitable, economical and proficient way to do that. Without compromising on quality and taste. Peak Bean works with La Speziale to provide espresso machines that turn out consistently great espresso drinks at affordable prices. If Batch Brewing is your answer, we can offer you a variety of batch brewers from Fetco. Don’t forget your grinder! There is a variety of specialty grinders on offer, one of which will no doubt be suitable for your needs, without breaking the bank.

Peak Bean may be a local, family-run, small batch coffee roasting company but prior to this venture, we spent over seven years setting up and running a busy tea and coffee room in the Peak District. We are happy to share what we have learned during that journey. From funding, layout of new business premises, hiring & training to even finding the right suppliers and buying the appropriate stock. We have experienced it all and look forward to advising on any aspect or answering any question should it arise. 

We also want to help others spread the joy of drinking a great cup of coffee. The experience of having run a cafe enables us to provide you the support needed to be a success and keep your customers happy. We can help with the start up of your venture, giving you advice, training and even help with purchasing of the most suitable equipment for your business.

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