Mam Tor Mix

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A mellow coffee that is great without milk. The first mouthful bursts with fruit then develops into a slightly nutty taste with some caramel overtones.

Medium Roast

Mam Tor Mix has been with us from the early days of Peak Bean and seen a few tweaks along the way. We continue to mix it up a bit with this coffee blend by using some of our favourite coffee beans from Costa Rica and Indonesia. 

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2 reviews for Mam Tor Mix

  1. Chris Pearson

    My first experience of Peakbean Coffee and I’m not disappointed. I brewed using an Aeropress with a medium-fine grind for 2m30s (11g/200ml), and it produced an infinitely drinkable, everyday brew. A really nice blend

  2. Dianne Mather

    Really smooth yet with a lovely depth of flavour. No bitter after taste

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