Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Colombia Excelso Crecer Coffee


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For a limited time, we are excited to able to offer Colombian Excelso Crecer specialty coffee in our Peak Bean Decaffeinated Coffee range. These coffee beans taste of green apple, dark chocolate, lime and almond.


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These specialty coffee beans have been harvested from the Quindio region of Colombia and is also part of the Racafe’s Crecer project. The chosen varietals are Caturra and Castillo, making this a superbly drinkable cup of decaffeinated coffee. 

Crecer was introduced in 2020 as Racafe’s internal sustainability standard with the aim of conserving both biodiversity of the environment and the communities who live and cultivate coffee within those environments.

The project is funded through a premium added to the coffee Racafe sells. This money is kept separate and used to support the participating farmers and producers in a number of ways. Crecer is primarily focused at farmer level, looking how best to assist farmers in sustainable practices which will help them protect the future of their farm and livelihood, as well as increasing the quality of their coffee. To find out more visit

The Swiss Water Process came to life in Switzerland during the 1930s. This process is less invasive to the final coffee and with superior taste to chemical processes. Not only is it certifiable as an organic process, this method really does offer a great tasting alternative.

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