Sumatra Mandheling G1

Medium to Full City Roast

This certified Indonesian coffee has a lovely moderate body and gentle acidity. Though there is a hint of lovely sweet undertones, these beans are filled with herbal notes of nutmeg, spice and marjoram. 

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A Grade 1 and certified Arabica coffee, the beans are grown and harvested by the Permata Gayo Co Operative. Originally formed in 2006 in the Bener Merjah district by 50 coffee farmers, the co op spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia; primarily to increase traceability, sustainability and transparency in pricing to its members. In 2007, the cooperative was certified organic by the USDA and European Union.

A year later they became Fairtrade Certified. The Cooperative now has over 2,000 members producing 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee, as well as Rainforest Alliance too. The Co Op also has affiliations with the Café Femenino project, and within 1 year had succeeded in building a school with the premiums paid!

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